The Story of Spiritual Awakening

When one comes to a point in their life, a crossroads. Sometimes we begin to feel as though we must choose one path or another or stay where we are. We can choose a path of growth or the other unknown. It is our journey. One we must take for ourselves. Sometimes we really just need to take a deeper look inside ourselves and find ourselves. How do we do that. It is so much easier than it seems. Spirituality, comes in many forms. I speak to the awakening that happens within ourselves that there is more to life than what we may be or have been doing. Awakening; It comes in so many forms sometimes we don’t even know we’re having one. Learning to trust in ourselves, our higher power and the energy that surrounds us are ways to become more aware.  Once we become aware, I feel it comes fast and we are then met with more challenges. Challenges are meant to make us or break us as they say. A very wise person once told me that we have branches to our tree. Why not grow more branches and be awake as well as abundant in life. Abundance also means many things to many people. Sol Boheme is here to guide you. You choose your path; you choose your love and you will find your light. Live Laugh and Live Life Lux.

We are currently still under construction with glimpses of what’s yet to come. Much of what Sol Boheme will be is a constantly evolving process with much thought and research conducted. The ultimate launch will be Intuitively led and It will be a place to spread some positive karma and reflect what is Sol Boheme. I look to my tribe for guidance as to how to best awaken your senses. So please chime in.


Find your Path, Find your Love, Find your Light and Live Life Luxe! Solboheme The Goddess Reality Live Video Personality. Sensual Intuitive Advisor & Consultant. New Age, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Erotic, Alternative Lifestyle & Sensuality. Products, Services and Resources.

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