As goddess wishes.

Zen the Frog. Sugilite, Quartz, Malachite Adorned and adored.

Have you met Zen the Frog? Lol. It has been adorned with Sugilite Bracelet, Necklace as well as clear Brazilian quartz bracelets. He hold the universal crystal, raw clear quartz, which will open your chakras and are wonderful to meditate with. What is Zen surrounded by? Apopholite Crystal Zeolites. Raising the positive vibes in and around Zen. If you are interested in any of Zen’s adornments, email

More of Zen to come. So Stay tuned.

Zen Adorner.

Goddess Solboheme Video Meme

Raving Fans of the Hippie Chic Chick Bohemian Goddess.

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~Sol Boheme